Creative Writing

Why does a class with that title seem to suck all the creativity out of you? Don’t get me wrong I need this class in order to advance my writing skills and work towards my degree but I hate feeling like my writing is forced. I have to force myself to take small breaks to work on other things just to make sure I stay creative lol.

Looking for new people to discover and add to my blog. I’m a pretty shy person so actually talking to new people, whether on the computer or not, is hard for me. Once I get past that initial shyness I’m ok, it’s just getting myself out there and opening up that stalls me. It’s something I know I need to work out. Hopefully this weekend I can discover a few new writers to help promote.

I do have ideas for another few books, as well as locked up ideas for the series that follows Let Sleeping Wolves Lie, it’s just a matter of pinning them down. So much to write, so little time to do it in.


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