Wacky Weather and Writing

So, we’re supposed to get some thunderstorms tonight. Oh joy. I can’t tell you how much I hate storms. I don’t care if they’re severe or not I simply cannot stand them. I see an anxiety pill being needed later.

Since we have that oh so wonderful forcast I guess I should get my homework and my writing done while it’s still decent. I really do need to try and work on either the second or third book of the Pack series, which Let Sleeping Wolves Lie is the first book. My trouble is pinning the ideas down I have. I’ve rewritten the second book twice now and always get stalled on one particular chapter. Guess I need to scrap it again and try again. Maybe it will come together like I want it to on the third try.

Got ideas for the third and the fourth but don’t want to start them just yet. Would probably be a good idea to jot the notes down for later when I do actually start those books. Since when do I do anything smart like that though lol?

Ah well off to do schoolwork and write!


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