So why do they call it creative writing if it stifles your creativity? Better yet why is there a right and wrong way to critique something? For this week I got an 83 and an example of how to critique. Yeah I can so tell that I’m not going to do well this semester.

I’ve gone back to work and I hate it. I had just gotten used to the possibility of just living off my student loan but then the girl that took my job just had to quit and BAM they decided that I was suddenly needed again. Yeah I’m one cranky girl in the mornings again.

Here’s hoping that I do a better job of remembering to update this. I swear sometimes that if my head wasn’t attached to my shoulders that I’d be in trouble. Since I managed to get most of my work for this week done I guess I can now relax and perhaps attempt to do some writing that is actually creative for once.


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