*scratching back of neck* Yeah I’ve been bad about remembering to do this. I even have the app on my iPad and everything! Going back to work when I hadn’t expected to has really thrown me off.

Got my writing exercises done for next week. I’ve decided to just pick ones from each chapter to do. I highly doubt that he’s going to make us actually turn in a physical journal. Well if he does I’m screwed LOL. Wrote my first poem but not sure how good it is. I’ve never written a poem before but these words seemed to just flow. Oh well it’s a ‘test’ piece so I’ll cross my fingers and hope that it comes out ok.

Think I’m going to attempt to do some writing now. Probably won’t get very far but we shall see. Oh before I forget the last part of Instant Heat is up on the Storytime Trysts blog. You can find the links to the first four parts at the end of it!


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