I’ve discovered as I attempt to wrangle the ideas into some sort of order that a certain playlist helps me to concentrate. I don’t know why, I would assume that it would be more distracting to have something playing in the background as you brainstorm and toy with various ideas. But for me it helps. Maybe the muses like my music too lol.

I am so bad at keeping up with this thing. This and my author page. I don’t do nearly enough promoting of my book, thus it hasn’t been selling very well. I need to take the time to promote my book and get my name out there if I ever want anything to come of my various ramblings.

So the female cockatiel died. We tried at least. She had a few extra days of life and passed on feeling loved. The male has since been moved back into my room. He doesn’t seem to miss her at all. He’s been more noisy and talkative since she’s been gone since he was a baby. Guess he prefers to be a bachelor.

I was hoping to go see the family at Christmas. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I would like to meet my nieces and see my sister again since I haven’t seen her in many many years. Granted I could do without seeing my Uncle and having him bug me about being a vegetarian and the urge to punch my brother for being such a lazy bastard but it would be worth it to see her and my daughter. Ah here’s hoping that maybe after the spring semester I can swing it.

Sleep calls…or at least some downtime reading and brainstorming. I’ve had the last 2 days off from work and yet haven’t managed to get a blasted thing done. Here’s hoping that the weekend I’m more productive…though after going on the haunted hayride that will remain to be seen lol.


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