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Writing is largely solitary, and sometimes a lonely endeavor. Sure, you talk to friends, experts for research, discuss what works and what doesn’t with your editor, and bounce ideas off of fellow writers. But in the end it’s one person pounding the keyboard or twirling the pencil. But what if it didn’t have to be completely alone? Who would YOU work with if you could work with anyone on your favorite project?

If we’re talking professional writers, I’d say Sherrilyn Kenyon or Karen Marie Moning. Otherwise it would be one of the wonderful writers in my group. I’d like to work with Abyrne Mostyn. He has real talent and I think I could learn a lot from him…and we’d make a kick ass book together lol.

In this post, that’s what I’m asking. Choose a person for each category and tell why you want to work with them. If you want, feel free to post their picture, a piece of their work, or a link to something about them. The only rule is that the person must still be alive.

Writers dream. Now it’s time to dream BIG.

You have the opportunity to hire anybody as your cover artist. If you write children’s books or books that are heavily illustrated, who would you get for the interior artwork?

To be honest I don’t know. I’m unfamiliar with artists in general. I had a friend who helped me design the cover for my second book.

Who would you co-write your next novel with? What genre? Why?

Hmm…quite possibly the friend that did the cover for my second book for me. She writes in the same genre as I do (paranormal romance) and her work is pretty good.

Your publisher wants to do an audiobook version of your novel and they’re not sparing any expense. Who do you think can narrate your masterpiece?

A surprising choice but I think Megan Fox would do a good job. She has a pleasant voice (in my opinion) and I think would do justice to the characters.

They’re really going all out! Your novel is getting a full soundtrack. Who should compose it? If your novel uses a lot of songs, list your compilation here.

I don’t know about composition but I do know one of the artists I would absolutely insist on a song from would be Linkin Park. They have had some wonderful songs for various movies and I think they would end up with a perfect song to fit the mood of my book.

Congratulations! Your novel is being turned into a major motion picture. As the creator of the original work, you get to pick the director.

For the dirctor I would have to go with one of the directors that headed the Twilight movies. Though each movie seemed to have a different director they all did a good job of bringing the novels to life. I feel any one of them would do justice to my vision.

The director has some ideas on who to cast, but you get to cast one character. What role/character is it and who portrays them?

I would cast the part of Randall Conway as he is the star of the book I am attempting to work on at the moment. For portrayal of him I’m not sure but I think that Taylor Lautner might just be the person to fill the role wonderfully.

You’ve been hired to write a novel based on a preexisting character or franchise from another medium. Which character or franchise is it?

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the Transformers series. Though it may seem to be childish I’d love to write a novel based off of that. Especially since Michael Bay insists on killing off some of my favorite characters.

It’s the anniversary of your favorite literary character’s debut. You’ve been hired (yay, work!) to write an anniversary novel. Who is the literary character?

This one I’m unsure about. I really don’t have any particular favorite literary character so I probably wouldn’t be able to work on a project like this.



I’ve discovered as I attempt to wrangle the ideas into some sort of order that a certain playlist helps me to concentrate. I don’t know why, I would assume that it would be more distracting to have something playing in the background as you brainstorm and toy with various ideas. But for me it helps. Maybe the muses like my music too lol.

I am so bad at keeping up with this thing. This and my author page. I don’t do nearly enough promoting of my book, thus it hasn’t been selling very well. I need to take the time to promote my book and get my name out there if I ever want anything to come of my various ramblings.

So the female cockatiel died. We tried at least. She had a few extra days of life and passed on feeling loved. The male has since been moved back into my room. He doesn’t seem to miss her at all. He’s been more noisy and talkative since she’s been gone since he was a baby. Guess he prefers to be a bachelor.

I was hoping to go see the family at Christmas. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. I would like to meet my nieces and see my sister again since I haven’t seen her in many many years. Granted I could do without seeing my Uncle and having him bug me about being a vegetarian and the urge to punch my brother for being such a lazy bastard but it would be worth it to see her and my daughter. Ah here’s hoping that maybe after the spring semester I can swing it.

Sleep calls…or at least some downtime reading and brainstorming. I’ve had the last 2 days off from work and yet haven’t managed to get a blasted thing done. Here’s hoping that the weekend I’m more productive…though after going on the haunted hayride that will remain to be seen lol.

It’s Out!

Abyrne has got his book out! You can get it on Kindle! As promised, here is the link:


It’s a wonderful read! He’s a very talented writer, one that I’m glad to have gotten to know. I definitely plan to keep an eye on his future works! Congratulations Abyrne!


On a personal note, haven’t done much to promote mine lately. School and other nonsense has completely taken over my time, to where I really don’t even have time to pop onto my Facebook much. Tomorrow is another day and most likely I’ll try to pop on before I get bogged down in classes. With that said I’m out for the evening!


*scratching back of neck* Yeah I’ve been bad about remembering to do this. I even have the app on my iPad and everything! Going back to work when I hadn’t expected to has really thrown me off.

Got my writing exercises done for next week. I’ve decided to just pick ones from each chapter to do. I highly doubt that he’s going to make us actually turn in a physical journal. Well if he does I’m screwed LOL. Wrote my first poem but not sure how good it is. I’ve never written a poem before but these words seemed to just flow. Oh well it’s a ‘test’ piece so I’ll cross my fingers and hope that it comes out ok.

Think I’m going to attempt to do some writing now. Probably won’t get very far but we shall see. Oh before I forget the last part of Instant Heat is up on the Storytime Trysts blog. You can find the links to the first four parts at the end of it!


So why do they call it creative writing if it stifles your creativity? Better yet why is there a right and wrong way to critique something? For this week I got an 83 and an example of how to critique. Yeah I can so tell that I’m not going to do well this semester.

I’ve gone back to work and I hate it. I had just gotten used to the possibility of just living off my student loan but then the girl that took my job just had to quit and BAM they decided that I was suddenly needed again. Yeah I’m one cranky girl in the mornings again.

Here’s hoping that I do a better job of remembering to update this. I swear sometimes that if my head wasn’t attached to my shoulders that I’d be in trouble. Since I managed to get most of my work for this week done I guess I can now relax and perhaps attempt to do some writing that is actually creative for once.

Easy Access Means More Posts

Ok so I decided to check the apps for my iPad and discovered that they had a WordPress one! I hadn’t expected them to so this was a pleasant surprise. So maybe I’ll remember to post more. Heaven knows that I don’t get much done on the computer.

Got all parts finished for Storytime Tryst. Not my best work in my opinion but it is what it is. Kinda sad I won’t be able to do one for October. Unfortunately my creativity as disappeared and I’ve been unable to locate it yet. I knew I should have put a tag on it.

Trying to figure out what to work on next. Currently blocked on the second book in my Pack series and anything new is still turning in my mind. That’s what I hate about trying to do too much at one time. It never turns out well for me. Ah well maybe something will come. For now it’s off to scared my creativity into hiding even more with some ‘creative writing’ for class.